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De Nieuwe Meent is building affordable, sustainable, not-for-profit housing in Amsterdam. Visit the webshop to purchase bonds or make a donation.

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Invest in the New Commons

by Lilia Kai

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Lilia Kai

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Campaign Story

Our mission

We believe that houses should be for living, not for profit-making. Two years ago we came together to do something about it.

dNM is a housing cooperative rooted in the housing rights movement, and branching towards an integrated urban commons of the 21st century.

This is why we call it de Nieuwe Meent (from the old Dutch word for Commons): because it is organised entirely around the principles of commoning.

Combining affordable housing, shared living, social care and solidarity economy, we intend to contribute to a sustainable, inclusive and fair society.

Our journey towards building a 7-story wooden complex to house a 60-people community, will hopefully become an inspiration for further experiments in Amsterdam and beyond.

Invest in de Nieuwe Meent, support a growing community, and together we can build a welcoming city based on sharing.

Call for action

The goal of the crowdfunding campaign is to raise €450.000 before the end of 2021! This amount is essential to cover 8% of our €6M total investment. See our financing section for more info.

It is easy to support our cause. On our webshop you will find two options for contributing: Donations or dNM Bonds (Obligatie).

If you decide to buy a bond, you can choose from three maturity options: 5 (annual interest 2,2%), 10 or 15 years (annual interest 1,8%).

If you have any question or if you want to arrange your contribution personally with us, please feel free to write us to or call us (Andrea Verdecchia +31 (0)625574593).

By supporting us you will become an official ‘dNM Neighbour.’ As a dNM Neighbour, you will receive personal updates about the status of the project and invitations to celebrations for the closing of the crowdfunding campaign, annual “dNM Neighbors” events, and most importantly the dNM big opening party at the beginning of 2023!

For all legal details and frequently asked questions about the campaign, you can download our Bond Regulations and FAQ.

Crowdfunding Webshop

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Your support is essential to reach our goal, so please share our call with your network! Here you can download the dNM Project Brochure on the dNM mission for circulation among your contacts. You can use the buttons below to share everything on social media.