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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ehud Neuhaus

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The past years, we worked very hard to make our dream happen. As a very diverse community we are realizing a housing complex for about fifty people. It will be an alternative to housing as we know it, one that is not governed by the market, but centered around solidarity, living together, shared use, sustainability and inclusivity.

Although there is increasingly more space for housing cooperatives such as de Nieuwe Meent, we are still going against the grain: institutional parties often don’t understand why we choose to maximize our rent on the level of social housing (meaning: affordable for as many people as possible), whereas we can legally charge more. Banks treat us mostly as a commercial client, even though we are a non-profit. And the Dutch legal framework offers big housing corporations possibilities for affordable financing that we don’t have access to. On the other hand, we got a lot of support, enthusiasm and energy. From our own community, from a larger group of people that co-finance de Nieuwe Meent, from our advisors and partners, and also from institutional parties such as the City of Amsterdam and the bank. Despite all the challenges, the building is very close. All the designs are finished, we have the building and environmental permit, and the preliminary agreement with our contractor is signed. And if the world would be the same as it was little over a year ago, we would have signed for financing by the bank and the City of Amsterdam as well.

Unfortunately, we’ve been dealing with fast rising interest rates and building costs. To counter these,  we’ve been tirelessly working with our advisors on our building plans and budgets. In the final building phase, we will use recycled materials and do more of the finishing ourselves, and to create more income we set up a system in which residents pay more for the use of the collective spaces, according to their means. Also, we applied for subsidies and we are working on other sources of income, such as rental of event spaces and memberships for people in the neighborhood. We made a lot of progress, but are at this point still dependent on the full cooperation of the city and a bank that has the courage to take the next step. We are doing everything we can to make this happen.

Because of all the unforeseen delays we are facing another problem: the money we need for day to day affairs is finished, and funds from the bonds of our crowdlenders, the part of our financing that is taken care of, can only be used when we start building. To reach this phase we need to secure the rest of the financing, and for these last steps we need money. That’s why we ask you for help. It’s of vital importance that we keep paying the bills. With your donation, you give us the last small push we need to continue: from a reality that exists on paper to an actual building in which a close-knit community lives and works, and throws open the doors for the neighborhood and the city.

Of course we offer something in return for your donation!


15,00 - 24,00

Join our rad fundraiser party at February 11th 2023 in Amsterdam. Meet our beautiful community and together let's dance the night away! Indicate in the order notes at checkout if you want to want a ticket for yourself, or for us to giveaway.

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25,00 - 34,00

1+1 deal
Join our rad fundraiser party at February 11th 2023 in Amsterdam. Meet our beautiful community and together let's dance the night away! One ticket for you, one to give away. In this 1+1 deal you can enable someone with a smaller wallet to join the party.

17 backers

35,00 - 49,00

A dNM keychain
A cool dNM keychain to showcase your support to our project!

February, 2023

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50,00 - 249,00

A 3 course dinner + ticket to the fundraiser party
Enjoy a lovely 3 course vegan dinner at February 11th 2023 in Amsterdam. Afterwards you can join our rad fundraiser party. Meet our beautiful community and together let's dance the night away! Indicate in the notes if you want to want a ticket for yourself, or for us to giveaway. And don't forget to indicate any dietary restrictions.

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250,00 or more

DIY workshops
During the building phase we will host workshops on various topics to take the development of certain aspects of our living community in our own hands. Join one of these courses to learn along with us! Indicate in the notes which one you would like:
- Essential plumbing course
- Essentials of carpentry course
- Prinicpals of Urban Gardening
- From the garden to your kitchen
- Handiwork essentials

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Tineke Lupi 25,00 February 03, 2023
Alexander Cronheim 18,00 February 02, 2023
Anonymous 25,00 February 01, 2023
Marcella Blok 50,00 February 01, 2023
Judith Naeff 25,00 January 29, 2023
Marjolein Fransen 50,00 January 28, 2023
Oscar Vrij 25,00 January 27, 2023
Boaz Bar Adon 15,00 January 27, 2023
Marije Baalman 100,00 January 26, 2023
Karin Christof 25,00 January 26, 2023
Dania ten Hoopen 15,00 January 26, 2023
Gerda van Bockxmeer 50,00 January 25, 2023
Zwanet Van Kraayenoord 50,00 January 25, 2023
Ricarda Braukmann 15,00 January 25, 2023
Victor Avramov 15,00 January 25, 2023
Alex Van der Bijl 25,00 January 25, 2023
liesbeth daniels 50,00 January 25, 2023
Diede Schols 125,00 January 24, 2023
Anonymous 50,00 January 24, 2023
Floresta Platteel 25,00 January 24, 2023
tessa buck 25,00 January 24, 2023
Elmar van den Berg 15,00 January 24, 2023
Marian Waals van der 50,00 January 24, 2023
M Pool 50,00 January 24, 2023
Niels Kück 20,00 January 24, 2023
henny jongerius 20,00 January 24, 2023
Stijn Verhoeff 50,00 January 24, 2023
J.A.L. Meijer 50,00 January 24, 2023
Oep Schilling 100,00 January 24, 2023
Michael Vermeer 15,00 January 24, 2023
Anonymous 15,00 January 24, 2023
Siza Terhorst 15,00 January 24, 2023
Siward Zomer 25,00 January 24, 2023
Mirjam Heugten 15,00 January 23, 2023
Karen Koole 25,00 January 23, 2023
Ingrid Beerends 25,00 January 23, 2023
Andrea Verdecchia 250,00 January 23, 2023
Anonymous 15,00 January 23, 2023
Linda Coenen 25,00 January 23, 2023
Anonymous 50,00 January 23, 2023
Henk Hermsen 25,00 January 23, 2023
Estrellita Bartelsman 25,00 January 23, 2023
Steven Kelk 25,00 January 23, 2023
Laura Boerhout 15,00 January 23, 2023
Anonymous 15,00 January 23, 2023
HJ Van Vliet 25,00 January 23, 2023
Anonymous 25,00 January 23, 2023
Anonymous 15,00 January 21, 2023