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de Nieuwe Meent

a housing cooperative organised around the principles of commoning.

the commons. Shared resources, for example, a pasture, used and maintained responsibly by the community.

the new commons. Shared urban resources, for example, a plot or building, sustainably developed and managed by the community. 

We understand commoning as practices of producing and managing social and physical infrastructures for shared and participative use of a resource, such as land (“meent”), water, food, energy, education, housing, income, social services and care. It enables citizens to access essential resources in fair, sustainable, self-organized and participatory ways, and shape the future of their communities without being dictated by a profit driven market economy.

Commoning tackles major questions about how citizens can best live our lives, both with each other and within nature. Globally, millions of people are already using the social practices of commoning, bringing personal nourishment, urban regeneration and broader transformational change. We feel strongly that commoning enables a more just, resilient and humane society.


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Vereniging de Nieuwe Meent
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