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Important Crowdfunding Update

So far we have been able to consistently contact you with good news about hitting all of our crowdfunding milestones, with your help and all of our other supporters. However, now we have unfortunately almost come to a halt with raising funds – we have reached the point of missing our last campaign deadline. We were supposed to have raised 75% of our total crowdfunding goal by August 21st. But at the moment of writing this message, we are still stuck at only 67%. That’s why we need your help to get out of this summer slump into a fiery fall!

We have moved onto a new phase in the project, we have signed the erfpacht agreement which in theory means we can start building in January IF we get all of the funds raised by the end of the year. It’s easy to see why it’s crucial to gather all the money on time so we can finally get going with construction in 2022!

We have adjusted the crowdfunding deadlines in a way that should get us to meet our next goal, as well as the end goal of raising €450.000. We will lower the October 31st deadline to 80%. This means we need to have €360.000 raised by October 31st, and right now we are at €305.000, so we need another €55.000 which is 220 bonds of 250 each. You can buy 10 or 15 years dNM bonds on our crowdfunding page, you will get 1,8% yearly interest and the whole sum will be paid back at the end of the period.

If you have been thinking about supporting the project of realising de Nieuwe Meent and tracking our progress, now is absolutely the time to support dNM, as we have come to the most challenging part of our crowdfunding. This is the moment to make a difference so we can go ahead and at last aim for our very last goal! The end is in sight, we are getting there, but first we need to take this leap, help us land that jump!

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