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Help us build a postcapitalist urban commune in Amsterdam Oost!

First callout, 20 March 2018:

We are at the very early stages of what could become our next great adventure: co-creating sustainable, collective living for ourselves and loved ones. Concretely, we are interested in applying for a tender to develop a self-built, circular social housing —right here, in Amsterdam Oost. Since this is wildly ambitious, we are aware we cannot do it alone: we need your wisdom, inspiration and perhaps even participation!
Could you take a few minutes to flex your network muscle? Think about who we should collaborate with, who may have the skills we need, or who is a great fit for the art of living we wish to create. Fundraisers, wordsmiths, inventors, facilitators, pirates —we count on your magic of free association!
Feel free to share this callout in your circles, and drop us a line if you’d like to follow future developments :)

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