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It’s a wrap! 🎬 🌯 🎁

dear dNM community,

de Nieuwe Meent is now a legit association with statutes, board and members! ✍️ We have a solid business case 📊, a detailed action plan 📋, and exciting designs for our dream house 🏰.

We are ready for the final round of the housing coop application! 🚀

last but not least:

NOW is the time to show YOUR support for the project by becoming one of our Future Funders 💶💷. This consists of a non-binding statement of intent 📝 for investing in dNM bonds in the future 💰💰💰.

👉👉 👈👈

Your pledge will greatly help us win the tender! 🧞‍♂️🧚‍♀️

hoping to get back to you with great news next month,
—dNM crew.

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