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Last Friday, a representative from each workgroup met to put in common their progress —and ate delicious pizzas! 🍕

Here are the highlights and the outlook for the coming period!

  • #Design has started drafting their contribution; they are developing analyses for urban integration, DIY potentials, sustainability, affordability and risk assesment. They are looking forward to co-design the specifics with everyone involved. Check out the shared document on Slack!  
  • #Community started meeting every other week where they also welcome newcomers. They are working on a draft of core principles, a survey with the neighbours, and a database of potential partners. You can also sign up for tasks to help them out!
  • #Finance had some difficulties due to some members steping out and are looking for reinforcements. Luckily, our architects already worked out a preliminary budget which can serve as the basis for developing a model that suits our needs!
  • #Process has evaluated various tools for project management, developed some preliminary communication guidelines and convened the spokescouncil. They are now busy preparing the next General Assembly!

Meanwhile, the biggest update is…


Which means that we gotta get all hands on deck:

  • Next Saturday (17 Nov @1pm in NieuwLand) we will convene a second spokescouncil to study the tender in detail; a representative from each WG needs to be present, so please sign up on Slack!
  • We are calling for a General Assembly in one month (9 Dec @11am in NieuwLand), where the tender criteria will be explained in detail, Design & Community WGs will present concrete scenarios, and the feedback will be collected to synthesise a financial model. The outcomes of this meeting will serve as the basis for our application, so be there or be square!
  • Next week we will also propose a timeline for upcoming period, and will do a ‘role call’ to evaluate our capacity. We encourage everyone to do a realistic estimation of their availabilities for the next three months!

If you’re receiving this and you still haven’t joined a working group (and you want to!), join the Slack here. You should just have to fill in your email address and make yourself a password, and then you’re in!

It’s now or never folks, let’s do it! 💪👷‍♀️👷‍♂️

Radek & Selj, on behalf of the #process group,

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