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Nieuw[er]Land had its first public meeting!

Last Monday, our very first public meeting brought together 20 enthusiasticpeople with diverse skills and experiences —all dedicated to make a postcapitalist urban commune a reality! We started with some presentations on SowetoNieuwLand and the new project; you can find the slides here and here. After a round of introductions we split in two groups to discuss the material (design & sustainability) and immaterial (process & community) aspects more in depth. Below are some points that stood out:


  • The envelope (general dimensions of the building) is subject to change to better accommodate sound isolation specifications.
  • The first phase of the application is more about the process and financial model and less about the design.
  • There is a cooperative in the neighbourhood to use the heat from the data center nearby, we will get in touch with them.
  • We are dedicated to open-source our process and models to influence other projects.
  • The building could mark the location with a strong identity, inspiring vision.


  • We strive for an intentionally diverse community, with intergenerational, queer and racial representation, as well as abilities, origins and incomes.
  • “I want this project to happen, even if I don’t get to live there myself.”
  • Even if this specific application fails, we have the structure to keep working together, so we can carry this project elsewhere if necessary.
  • How could we involve the already-existing community and NOT to be a gentrification force against our will?
  • How much would we be comfortable with compromises, or alternatively, how much are we willing to try and bend the rules?


  • check out the Tumblr where you can post inspirations or questions!
  • signup on Slack to get more actively involved in the process!
  • spread the word about the next public meeting on 15 July 7pm!
  • save the date: 11 or 12 August for BBQ at Archimedesplantsoen!

…and let’s keep dreaming and scheming! 🏗

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