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We have won the tender! 🏆

guess what?! 🤔

We have won the tender! 🏆
dNM is going ahead!!! 🚀

Getting excited already? First things first:

  1. Check out our brand-new website! 💻 Discover our vision for the project, support us financially by investing or donating, and spread the word in your networks!
  2. This truly deserves a celebration! 👯‍♂️ You are warmly invited to our launch party on Sunday 13 October evening, where we will share our excitement, present what’s next, and dance till we drop!
  3. Now is the time to get involved! 🕹 Until the end of this year, we will be promoting, fundraising, and onboarding aspiring members. Next year we will be selecting the living groups and finalizing the architectural design.

The story so far…

  • A little more than a year ago, we came together to build a “postcapitalist urban commune”. 🏯
  • After months of community building and an intense sprint, we applied to the Archimedesplantsoen tender by the City of Amsterdam.
  • We called it de Nieuwe Meent, the New Commons: “a housing cooperative organised entirely around the principles of commoning”. 💞
  • By March, our proposal was selected as one of the three candidates for the final round. 🎖
  • Then for the next three months, we met every Sunday to share food, co-design the building and formalise the association, while our architects worked tirelessly to make our dreams match the reality. 👩🏻‍💻

We’re delighted to have you with us in this journey!
To Archimedesplantsoen and beyond! ✨

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